Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair in Dallas, TX

You’ve made a sizable financial commitment to your business’ roof installation and have high expectations that it will serve you well for many years to come. While this is true, repairs will also be required.

Additionally, skipping even the tiniest, most modest repairs can seriously harm your commercial roofing system. To avoid water leaks, inadequate insulation, and other problems, storm damage, wear and tear, and other problems need to be repaired very soon.

Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Punctures in the roof

The most frequent commercial roof repairs are those caused by surface tears or punctures. Any sharp object, such as a tree branch, hail, debris left on the roof, or even just foot traffic walking across the flat roof’s surface, might create this.

The roof becomes leaky with just one tiny hole. You should avoid walking on the roof or carrying heavy objects without taking adequate precautions, depending on the roofing materials.

Improper Roof Sealing

A few examples of roof penetrations are HVAC systems, pipelines, and vents. These must exist and, more significantly, they must be properly sealed. To prevent leaks from occurring at the edge seams, these locations need roof flashing and sealer. Every roof penetration leaves itself open to leaks and damage if it is not done properly.

Roof Flashing is Failing

In order to emphasize the significance of flashing around roof penetrations, one of the most typical ways water penetrates roofs is due to faulty flashing (both residential and commercial). Flashing must be frequently inspected and replaced as needed because it may not last as long as the roofing materials.

Old, Outdated, Aging Commercial Roof

Your roof will experience greater wear and tear as it ages, and the roofing materials will lose some of their durability. Your roof will eventually wear out. With good installation and upkeep, the majority of commercial flat roofs only survive 10–20 years on average.

To increase the longevity of your roof, it is essential to have routine roof inspections and do minor repairs as necessary. Before a complete replacement becomes necessary, repairs might buy a lot of time.

Roof Drainage Issues

Rain and snow will collect on top of your commercial roof if your roof isn’t handling them. Any industrial roofing material can be harmed by this standing water (and melted ice), which can also threaten flashings around penetrations and connections between panels.

A business roof must have a modest slope, gutters, drains, and adequate insulation in order for water and snowmelt to properly drain off of it. Without adequate insulation, a roof won’t warm up enough to melt the snow and ice, which might then collect or re-freeze at the edges and cause leaks. Once more, a reputable contractor will guarantee this.

Improper Previous Commercial Roof Installation

Last but not least, a licensed roofing contractor with extensive experience must install business flat roofs. Depending on the size of the rooftop space of your commercial property, installing a roof correctly can take days to weeks.

Additionally, search for contractors who provide a strong workmanship warranty to address any installation-related difficulties. This demonstrates that they stand behind their work and that you will be protected if something unfortunate occurs on their account.

Signs that You Need a Commercial Roof Repair

Pooling Water on your Commercial Roof

Pooling Water on your Commercial Roof

Your commercial roof is not draining properly if you notice areas where water collects or ice accumulates. It can also indicate that a variety of additional problems are approaching. Pooling water on your commercial roof can cause severe leaks, corrosion, and rot, add weight to the roof, and eventually cause it to collapse.

Damaged Roof Membrane

If the top layer of your commercial roof has any damage, is flaking or peeling away in spots, it needs to be fixed right away. These rips and fissures may allow water to flow into the membrane, resulting in expensive leaks that must be fixed. Your business roof won’t function properly and exposes your structure to further harm if these membranes aren’t replaced when they are broken or damaged.

Shingle Damage on Commercial Roofs
Commercial Roofing - Blistering on Roof

Blistering or Bubbling on the Commercial Roof’s Surface

Blisters on the surface of your roof are a result of prolonged exposure, high humidity, and heat. Any of these circumstances could result in the roofing surface bubbling or scorching. Blisters allow moisture to penetrate your building’s roof, which can seriously harm the integrity of the roof. Your business’s roof will be vulnerable to holes, leaks, mold growth, and an ugly appearance if the problem is not addressed and remedied.

Local Experts in Commercial Roof Repair in Dallas, TX

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